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1 year ago   

JH: Then, of course, here we have….He’s just missed her—he’s been gone for HOURS—and he’s missed her THAT much. You can see that in his eyes. He has NO idea what she’s gone through. And there’s this, no matter what, there’s this understanding.
KS: I remember watching Erica prepare. She was sitting outside that first shot, in the little alcove, and her really trying to get in the mind space of feeling he’d been gone for three weeks, and thought it was just painful even seeing her trying to even get in there. You can just read it on her.
JH: It was a really good moment, for me, working with her in this scene. She was sitting there in that alcove, like you said, and she was sitting there preparing and preparing. I wanted that emotion to stay right on her sleeve. So I walked over to her and I said, “You’ve moved into this apartment, and you’ve unpacked every single thing that’s his, and that’s how you get through your day. ‘Cause you walk into the room and you unpack one of his boxes, and that’s how you get through your day. And you walked into the room to unpack one of those boxes, and there weren’t any left.” And she JUST NAILED it. Of course, you stop, you reset, and you do all this, and there’s an hour and a half that goes by. So she’s sitting in that alcove trying to prepare, and she’s doing just a great job staying with it, and I said to her, “You’re going to head back to Watchtower to wait for him. Everything is fine. You’ve got your senses about you and everything. And you go to brush your teeth before you leave and you have to reach past his toothbrush.” Just those little things, for her, set her off and allowed her to do this kind of stuff, which is great. Then you just get out of her way and let her go.
BP: Part of what we wanted to do in this scene—like you said, they’re starting a new life, everything’s kind of up in the air—we wanted to show that no matter where they are these two people are completely meant to be together. That works beautifully, especially because of the performances and the directing.
CB: These guys are so good together, aren’t they?

Smallville DVD Commentary “Dominion” featuring Kelly Souders, Brian Peterson, Justin Hartley, and Callum Blue

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